About Us

Today we all are facing lots of health problems and there is no authentic data and records to adjudge the current needs of health policy.

We are finding it difficult to maintain our health records which can help diagnose early and help us lead healthy life till we live.

Also healthcare cost is soaring high and there is no standardization of the procedures and the costing.

We invite all our brothers and sisters to make this health movement successful irrespective of any boundaries of caste, religion or country so that it can benefit all of us.


I, hereby declare that above details are recorded as per my declarations and are true to the best of my Knowledge. No information differs from the declaration and is not changeable in future related to Past history and Family History.

I, further give my consent to record all these details with the record and same can be furnished to the government organizations, research work , Insurance companies and other such organizations as deemed fit by Swasthya Chetna on the satisfaction of confidentiality by the organization.

I, enclose the Original Hard copies of my first consultation to support my past histories.