Our Mission-Being Healthy,Living Healthy

Benefits of Health Record

1.You will not miss any details when it is required for your medical history by doctor.

2.You will save time of at least 20 minutes which are crucial for emergency care.

3.You can present this data with our authentication to any forum and legal / quasi legal bodies as an exhibit.

4.In case of medical treatment hospitals need not to ask you many question instead will log in can come to know about your details.

5.You can link your record to your insurance company for many claim s requirements related to your health status and policy coverage.

6.You need not make big files related to your medical records as all the files are saved in our online record system for future and current references.

7.On the basis of health records you can have health management tips and required preventive care guidance from our team.

Benefits of Club Memberships

1.You will get Health record management facility.

2.Regular health checks as per the protocols of the club based on your health status.

3.Home delivery of Pharmacy.

4.Home delivery of health care services like doctor consultations, lab collections wherever possible.

5.Discount on the medicines

6.Discount of health services

7.First opinion and second opinion services

8.Free Diet consultations

9.Free Homoeopathic consultations

10.Appointment services for secondary or tertiary care.

11.SMS alerts for the regular medications so that you should not miss to take medicines.

12.Personalized healthcare escorting to hospital and daily follow up with the hospital on your health updates so that you can be saved from current day malpractices.

13.Complete assistance in insurance claims procedures.

14.Personalized Health Risk Assessments.

15.Personalized health news letters on monthly basis.

16.Online doctor help.

17.Discount on Various Insurance product shop through us.

18.Insurance and Health Guidance.

Benefits of Complete care

1.You will get swipe card which is preloaded with the amount for spend as per your purchase for utilization at healthcare providers.

2.EMI option for your health spends.

3.Insurance coverage.

4.Club Memberships.

5.Cashless Coverage of all expenses by network providers.

6.Health Record Management.

7.Health Risk Assessment.

8.Online doctor help

9.Personalized health newsletter every month.

10.Personalized health volunteer to take care of all your health needs.

11.Regular maintenance and management of health records.